Your Womb is a Magnificent Vessel of Creative Power…

Your womb is a magnificent vessel of creative power not only physically but also spiritually, artistically, emotionally and energetically. If you want to unlock more of your abundant, radiant, healing creative power in your life, to enhance your unique talents, you must get back in touch with your sacred womb space! Your moon time (period) must be honored, respected and a time of receiving wisdom filled introspect and self awareness. We have forgotten our ancient wisdom in this modern society and how to truly connect with our feminine gifts. Birth can be a powerfully awakening initiation into your womanhood and rediscovering all that lies within. Remember all I can do as a doula is help you to reawaken to the truths you already know. If your birthing years have past yet you still long to connect with your womb space, let me know. There are many wonderfully healing, self nurturing and enlightening ways to discover your creative womb wisdom. Photo credit-unknown.

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