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I’m a very passionate, loving, and devoted wife. I’m also the mother of three beautiful children, all born at home. I became pregnant with my first child in 2008. This was the beginning of my awakening. It was the beginning of my transformation into an empowered woman and new mother.
I believe that during the time when a woman is pregnant she is the more open to spirituality and inspiration than most other times in her life. During my pregnancy I studied, prayed, and read endlessly. I found myself on a path towards natural childbirth. In the beginning I thought my first birth would take place in a hospital but later the idea of my child being born at home overwhelmed me with an incredible sense of peace. My next two births were the same.

Over the course of becoming pregnant I developed a complete and utter love affair with natural birth and all things related. Along with this growing passion I have realized that not only do I care for the people who are close to me but that my heart overflows with love for all my sisters of the world.

untitled-297Birth allows me to connect with all kinds of women and help them discover depths of inner strength and power just waiting to be unleashed. With a profound love for birth and a passion for helping women it was only a matter of time before I decided to combine the two and became a doula.

Since 2011 I have had a wide range of experience including: natural vaginal births, medicated vaginal births, cesarean sections, and VBACs. In addition to the completion of my doula courses I have also completed an intensive 12-week birth instructor program. The course focused on a holistic approach to childbirth and how we can co-create a new and healing paradigm of conscious and uplifting birth in our communities.

Peruvian Influence:

Much of what I’ve learned about my roll as a professional birth companion for women and families stems from a 6 month trip that my family and I took to the Andes mountain range of Peru that encompassed a natural healing exploration for me and my husband. There, in the sacred valley, we learned the ancient indigenous ways of living, healing, re-birthing and honoring the life cycle of the feminine.

Ancient Pachamama Symbol

Ancient Peruvian Symbol of the Pachamama – the Earth Mother

I learned that birth is about bringing souls into the world in a peaceful way that sets the foundation for feeling safe and supported on this earthy plain. I also learned that birth, for the mother, is a transformative pilgrimage into depths of strength, love, and consciousness greater than ever before. The state of childbirth is a shamanic journey of the soul for the mother and her newborn child that effects of which last a lifetime. During the beautiful process of birth women enter an alternate state of consciousness. For thousands of years midwives and birthing mothers have engaged in the shamanic practices of drumming, toning, dance, and meditation to bolster a blissful trance during labor.

Shamanic midwifery promotes the deepening of this meditative state through practices that create natural euphoria. Drumming and meditation can transform our awareness by shifting our consciousness into an enhanced state of peace and perception.

altered conciousness art

The elevated existential plane reached in birth is a tool by which precious new life can arrive on this earth with an infinite potential to expand communal consciousness and find solutions to the difficulties humanity faces. Conscious birth that utilizes the arts of doula work and ancient midwifery can be a remarkably gratifying passage into a state of superior physical and spiritual health for mothers, babies, and families.

Maiden Mother Crone Women supporting women in birth has been a tradition of ceremony and sisterhood throughout the ages. Through this sisterhood the tools to support women in birth have been passed down from our ancestral wise women. These wise women were especially skilled in holding sacred space for birthing women. As your doula holding sacred space means I’m the keeper of the energetic space that surrounds your birthing experience. I’m your continuous support and I mentally and physically advocate your birth plan. In order to hold sacred space for a woman giving birth I must first be able to hold peaceful confident space within myself that I may then reflect outwardly.

I must see and understand your state of being and then be able to give you the encouragement you need and when you need it by reminding you of the immense strength you have within to accomplish your goals. I do my best to make sure anyone entering the birthing space is holding the same positive and productive frequency in order to prevent disruptions to the mother’s inner trance or concentration. I maintain awareness of everything going on around the mother to make sure that it adds to her comfort and doesn’t undermine it. This depth of awareness empowers you to birth as freely as you want; to surrender to your inner birthing goddess, Pachamama; and allow yourself to be as primal as you need as the process unfolds.

I see birth as a ceremony of life. Treating it as a ceremony by honoring the natural circular rhythm of labor allows us to embrace the spiritual aspects and enhance your ability to reach higher states of consciousness. While I help you navigate the transformative journey of pregnancy and birth you will be empowered to create a blissful birth experience for you, your partner, and baby.

Birth Philosophy:

My passion is helping women feel cared for, loved, supported, validated, and left with a sense of joy from whatever type of birth they choose.

Birth is an extremely spiritual experience between couples and families Earth Mother Art that should be upheld with the most reverence and loving respect possible. My goal is to hold peaceful, empowering space for the mother and partner that they may find a deep inner connection to each other and the birthing experience together. I aim to make sure that, through birth, both partner and mother feel powerfully connected to each other and therefore can shed that beautiful light of safety, love, and connectedness onto their new baby.

I have a plan to help every mother feel cared for, loved, supported, validated, and left with a sense of joy with whatever type of birth takes place.

I’ve learned that this life is a learning journey individualized for the specific growth of each person. Whatever that person’s journey may bring is the perfect growing and learning experience for them at that time. We shouldn’t waste energy trying to force our will on any situation in life. We just put our best foot forward with the tools we have and let the rest flow in the way its meant to unfold. We should allow ourselves to feel and see the beauty and gifts in every situation and birth outcome.

When a mother does her best to educate herself and acquire the tools she needs to have the best possible birth experience it is then her privilege to find fulfillment and joy in whatever the outcome may be. This allows her to be free of any regret, knowing she did all she could and that her journey is beautiful and unique. She can feel empowered to go forth with those experiences to share with others and join the sisterhood of women supporting each other in all types of different ways around the world.

My Birth Stories:

The Detailed Story of My First Born and How it Inspired Me to Become a Doula

There in my dim lit apartment, husband by my side, I moaned and rolled from side to side in our bed.
“Your body is like the roaring sea, gently ride the wave higher and higher, surrender to its current as it gets stronger, then as the wave peaks, your body relaxes and rides the wave down peacefully to the calm shores for rest.”

These encouraging words were whispered softly by my husband. Breathing, laboring, relaxing, breathing, laboring, relaxing. On went this sequence for 6 hours. It was what you would call a textbook labor, as a woman actively and consciously brings her baby closer and closer to the outside world.

As the intensity suddenly increased I rapidly lost my sense of center, my control.

Becoming confused and disoriented I began to disassociate from the pain. At some point my midwife Rachel arrived. Shortly after the most intense sensation of grinding, crippling,  and uncontrollable tightening enveloped my whole body Rachel let me know I was in the “transition” phase of labor and that my baby was almost here.

The pain had become so unexpectedly strong that I could no longer disassociate and disconnect from the unbearable sensations.  Fear shot though my spine, and panic set it. At one point I went from laying down to experiencing a “fight or flight” response so intense I thought I needed to run, to flee from the pain. It was then that I pleaded from the core of my being “Rachel! Help me!

At that moment soft hands full of love and compassion gripped the sides of face, gently pulling my head in close to hers, she looked deep into my eyes as if she could see the chaos I was battling within.  “Look at me,” she said firmly.  As I tried to focus on her eyes while my body was squirming in pain she asked me to repeat after her.
“ I’m really scared,” she said. untitled-36

“I’M REALLY SCARED!!!” I cried out.

“This really hurts,” she said.

“THIS REALLY HURTS!!!” I cried again, this time with tears swelling in my eyes.

“But I can do this, I chose this, I’m doing this for my baby!” she said.

“I CAN do this” I replied. Then with a little reminder of what to say next, “ I CHOSE THIS,” I proclaimed!
Suddenly I felt absolutely no more fear at all, I felt invigorated and strong as the words burst out,


“Now push,” Rachel whispered.  With all of my strength I pushed. I felt the burning but I was no longer afraid. I new I was safe to feel these sensations. I knew it was exactly the way it was supposed to be. With one more heave from my body, the most magnificent, beautiful baby slipped peacefully into Rachel and my husband’s hands.

In an instant they simultaneously slid her warm body onto my bare breast and covered us in blankets. I looked down and there were the eyes of my first born peering up at me. She captured my heart and made time stand still.

Not only was this the birth of my baby girl it was also the birth of an empowered woman who finally realized her strength! Looking back at that experience I couldn’t help but feel so grateful for my midwife and her presence in the room that night. She was the embodiment of confident, compassionate, feminine wisdom. Her love for me, her passion and devotion,  and her unbreakable faith in my ability were the exact things that I needed to feel.

When I would replay the scene in my head I know without a shadow of a doubt that the single most important thing for me in that moment was to OWN what I was feeling.  Once Rachel showed me how to own it I was able to overcome it. Crippling fear no longer shackled me. I had stripped it’s power simply by vocalizing it.  All I had left to do now was to triumph in the glory of pure, raw, maternal instinct.

Birth has the potential to be one of the most transformational and spiritual experiences in a woman’s life. I feel blessed to have been gifted such a strengthening, impactful birth experience.  Many women have blissful, ecstatic births from start to finish and still discover total empowerment, however I wouldn’t change anything about the way it unfolded for me that night. Having been more afraid than I’ve ever been, feeling so out of control that I literally leap in an effort to run away but then, in an instant, transform that fearful pain into strength is a remarkably profound skill I developed. It is truly a beautiful gift I will cherish forever, one that will serve me in achieving great things for the rest of my life.

baby zara
I felt what the power of love and sisterhood could do, and all I have wanted to do sense that day is to extend the same gift of empowerment to other women. I asked Rachel, “What can I do to be involved with women and birth?” She said, “Well you can start by becoming a Doula”.

My name is Rachelle Karin Davis and this is where my journey as a birth advocate and women’s healer started and where my deep devotion to Pachamama, the earth mother, began.

The Gentle Home Birth of Darling, Sweet Baby Pax:

Stay tuned for the birth video of baby Pax!

I’m thankful to my husband Sean for being the love, support, and encouragement I needed all through this pregnancy and birth! Sean my dear husband was a pillar of strength yet maintained a gentle touch of reassurance and confidence that I desperately needed all throughout.

Thank you sweet, sweet Zara Boo for sleeping so well through the birth of your baby brother and waking early in the morning so happy to meet him! You loved him at first sight and he loved you too!

Our precious Pax was born healthy, strong and with a touch of sweet strawberry-red hair! He has been
a shining light and burst of happy energy in our home every day since he arrived. We couldn’t be more thankful to have his sweet spirit in our lives.

We would also like to thank our wonderful midwife, Rachel Talley, and partner, Eulia. They were a great team and fabulous support in many ways. I learned to find my own empowerment and inner strength from Rachel and for that I will always be grateful.

Thank you Lindsay Davis for being such a sweet support and help to me in numerous ways. You truly were a doula in disguise.

Thank you Natalie Tanner for capturing beautiful photos that we will always cherish.

Thank you Shona Moyer for putting our video together that we might always remember how sacred his birth was.

Thank you everyone on this birth team for helping us achieve the goal of a beautiful, peaceful, and gentle birth for our baby boy.

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