Benefits of Skin to Skin

dad&doulaHave you heard the term Skin to Skin or Kangaroo Care!? Did you know the MANY benefits of this practice at birth are not only achievable through mother-baby skin to skin but also FATHER -BABY!? Check out THIS fascinating article on 7 benefits of Skin to Skin to find out more! Also feel free to reach out to ME if you would like help incorporating this and other amazing birth practices into your birth plan!

  • You will be empowered to care for your baby and not feel helpless or useless or redundant.
  • You will become central to the caring team
  • Better bonding
  • Emotional healing
  • You are calmer
  • Able to read your baby’s unique cues for hunger or stress
  • You can get more sleep
Photo cred. – True Feather Photos

Would you seriously love a home birth but…

Would you seriously love a Home Birth but for special circumstances need to plan a deeply peaceful and profoundly empowering Hospital Birth?
Step 1. Call me Your Doula… I’ll help you Make the hospital feel like home! Icicle lights do the trick.
Step 2. Make it smell like home! Essential oils in the air will do that while calming, invigorating, and medicinally aiding the labor.
…for the rest of the steps feel free to contact me

When a mother educates herself…

When a mother does her best to educate herself and acquire the tools she needs to have the best possible birth experience it is then her privilege to find fulfillment and joy in whatever the outcome may be. This allows her to be free of any regret, knowing she did all she could and that her journey is beautiful and unique. She can feel empowered to go forth with those experiences to share with others and join the sisterhood of women supporting each other in all types of different ways around the world.