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Juli L. – Epidural Free Hospital Birth

Juli and Husband

“Rachelle came into my life as a gift. It was in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, so probably not your typical story, but what I needed and when. I knew so very little about Doulas, but she was recommended by a friend as someone who could answer questions I was having. She answered my questions, and gave me many more.

She didn’t even know me, but took the time to inform me on things that I didn’t even know I should be asking or even existed. Through her I became much more informed and empowered. She offered her time, love, and knowledge to me for which I am deeply grateful!

When my labor came she was a calming force, and SO supportive of all my decisions which ended up falling somewhere between all natural and traditional medicine. I never felt judged, only loved and supported by Rachelle. Which is what every woman needs during that time.

She worked with my family and hospital staff to amazingly get me through each contraction without pain medicine. No epidural! On Pitocin!!!!! Amazing, I never thought I could do one without the other. It was my main goal from the beginning of my pregnancy not to have Pitocin because I wanted to deliver a healthy baby without the epidural.

For anyone who has ever labored with and without Pitocin they understand the chasm of pain between the two. When people hear I did it…they’re amazed. I respond by saying I didn’t do it alone because in EVERYTHING I was supported.

The physical counter pressure during EACH contraction (key!), the visualization, the soothing, strong and supportive words in my ear, the essential oils to support my body and mind, the fact that my family was guided and supported as to what they could do let me focus on my labor, the direction of what to do and when. Truly I only did what Rachelle and my nurse guided me to do, and then at the end my body, and even then Rachelle helped me to hold off pushing just long enough so I didn’t have a major tear.

In the end I held my beautiful baby boy, healthy! I received another gift that day, the knowledge and strength that come from finding out that I am stronger and more powerful than I ever imagined! … This is because I was not alone in my laboring that day. I am forever grateful for my now dear friend, Rachelle.”

-Juli L.

Alicia and Dustin N. : Car Birth (Rachelle delivered the baby en route to the hospital)

Cleo resting on Alicia's chest in the car

“Pregnancy seemed long because I was so sick and then it got longer as my due date came and went. A week passed before any contractions started. Even then the contractions would start and then stop. Sunday June 29th, close to 2:30, the contractions started back up again and they were consistently 8 minutes apart. FINALLY!!! I called our doula, Rachelle, and a good friend, Bri, who came to help me labor at home before heading to the hospital.

My husband, Dustin, did a great job helping me to relax and it seemed like I could manage. But close to 7:00 things started to intensify and I started to cry. Rachelle gave me permission to let go and cry or scream if I needed to. It allowed me to give into the experience. I was able to let go of any insecurities or inhibitions.

I threw up some and I started to get worried and a little scared. As the contractions intensified, Dustin helped me by squeezing my shoulders and holding a cold rag on my head, Rachelle held my feet, and Bri held my hand. Even though it was painful I felt loved and supported.

Bri filled up a tub for me and I made it to the bathroom. Once in the tub, Shell asked me if that helped comfort me, I told her it really didn’t seem to, I asked if it was time to go to the hospital. She smiled and said not quite yet. Then I got nauseous and threw up again. I felt like I needed to poop, and again began to cry. As I cried I said, “I can’t do this… I need to be done.” My husband and Rachelle both assured me that I could. Their loving smiling faces were solely focused on me. For a brief moment, I forgot about all the pain and the thought entered my mind, “What beautiful eyes they both have.”

Suddenly the urge to push came over me and I let out a deep low yell, much like a roar. Rachelle instantly knew it was time to go to the hospital. She and Dustin pulled me out of the tub. She told Dustin to go start the car and then she and Bri began to put a shirt on me. Bri was holding out pants when another scream came. Rachelle got to the floor to see if she could see anything and told Bri to forget the pants, but I didn’t want anyone to see my bottom so I asked for my dress. My dress appeared and they quickly got it on me.

As we walked to the door to get into the car, I got nervous that my neighbors would hear another roar come out of me. Rachelle told me not to worry, “Everyone has gone home, no one is outside.” She helped me get to the car where Dustin was holding the door open for me with the car keys in hand. I yelled at him to start the car and got into the front seat. They laid the seat down and Rachelle jumped into the back.

Dustin drove cautiously and quickly but strategically so other cars wouldn’t get a peep show, since my legs were on the dash. I again yelled and screamed for Rachelle. She was leaning over the console and checking me as I held onto her waist. We were less than 30 seconds from the hospital when Rachelle declared there’s the head and a moment afterwards the baby came. Rachelle caught her and placed her in my arms. Cleo resting on Alicia's chest in the car Immediately she let out a beautiful cry. When Dustin heard little Cleo cry he finally realized that she had come. I felt like I was in a haze. Dustin parked the car, ran up to the Labor and Delivery entrance, and came back with a hoard of frantic nurses but everything was perfect.

I was wheeled up to the second floor, with my baby girl in my arms. I climbed into the bed and then started to nurse her. She was able to stay in my arms while we got cleaned up and Daddy came and loved on both of us. It was crazy and beautiful but looking back at it, it was exactly what it was supposed to be.

-Alicia N.

Dad’s and Doulas

Perhaps your totally-freaked-out-partner is on your mind. How will they handle the process of birth? What if they get tired? Will they forget everything you learned in childbirth education class? I am here to help your partner help you; I am working for both of you equally.

A birthing mother’s partner is a key component in supporting the woman as she labors. A Doula can provide support to a mother in countless ways however a doula is not a replacement for a birthing partner.

There is a level of intimacy and awareness that comes with a prolonged connection to the expectant mother that can’t be replicated. However, many fathers may feel unnecessarily burdened when the task of emotional, mental, and physical support is left solely to them. A doula alleviates the pressure on the father or partner.

With a doula a father can relax even with little to no knowledge of the medical ins-and-outs of birth and mother’s instinctual reactions to the process. In optimal circumstances a doula facilitates the father’s participation, at whatever level he feels most comfortable, and supports the mother in tandem with her partner or other loved ones.

Andrew Sorenson: Doula Helped Keep Things Calm

Dad catching the baby

“I’m so grateful for the services Rachelle offered us. She was with us for the 26 hours of labor and beyond. (She was like a machine! I’m sure she was up 44+ hrs straight.) She helped keep things calm when things seemed to want to turn chaotic. She was able to provide massage and counter-pressure to help with my wife’s back labor.

She offered suggestions of different positions and methods to help with the laboring. She stayed around after the birth to help make sure our new baby girl was latching on to breastfeed. She kept my wife empowered and kept her in control of her birthing experience, and she kept me from freaking out.

Pretty much whatever you need, she’s there for you. I’m not sure I could have made it through without her, let alone my wife! Rachelle’s services were invaluable on our little girl’s birthing day.”

-Andrew S.

Tyler M. : Much Better Birth Experience with a Doula!

Tyler at His Babies Birth

My experience with our favorite Doula was pretty awesome. For our first child we didn’t use a doula. My wife went 23 hours of natural labor and was stuck with just me doing the “doula work”…horrible.

My wife really wanted to have our second child naturally as well but wanted some extra help. I didn’t know what to expect with a doula, I was nervous that there would be weird flowers, oils, chants and who knows what else. Our doula was amazing! She was very adaptable and personable. She has tons of love for natural birth and is very passionate.

This time around it was at about 14 hours of natural labor, and a billion times better. Rachelle helped my wife with many different things, and when it was really rough she was able to talk to her in a way that helped my wife get through it all.

We were both nervous that for some reason or another that she wouldn’t get along with our midwife (or visa versa). She actually was able to work with our midwife amazingly, which was very important to us.

All in all, it was an amazing experience; she helped us really enjoy one of the best and most important moments of our lives. Not only that, she helped me realize that having a doula (especially her) is amazing, for moms and dads!

-Tyler M.

Dustin Nielsen: Unexpected Car Birth Made Marvelous by Doula

Dustin helping Alicia labor at home

“Had a wonderful and life changing experience last night. We were so lucky to have had Rachelle Davis with us throughout the miraculous birth of our baby girl. Thank you Rachelle for your beautiful words.

From our first visit with Rachelle my wife and I fell in love with the passion she has for her work. Rachelle remains in constant contact with us offering her knowledge and words of encouragement. With Rachelle’s help we were able to make the best decisions in bringing our beautiful baby girl into this world in a peaceful and loving way.”

-Dustin N.